Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big Bear Rock Climbing Update!

Wow! Seems like I have been getting a message every few days from somebody looking for information on climbing in Big Bear or somebody to climb with. That is awesome! This site receives substantially more traffic than I would have imagined given the apparent lack of a climbing community up here (you cant even buy chalk!) but maybe the times are a changing...

Quick side note... I just had a baby so my climbing time is pretty limited right now. That should ease up soon once I can tote her along with, which I am sure most people are thrilled about...babies at the crag.

Bouldering Club - Check out the poll on the right and leave some feedback. You can also email me more specifics if you want and I will try to coordinate the best time/day to bring this back. Hopefully with all the interest lately we'll start to have a decent turnout.

Guiding - A lot of folks have asked about guiding in the area and the short answer is that there is none and it is not permitted by the SB National Forest. Hopefully this will change but I imagine it will take a community of pressure on the right people to make happen and some probably some expensive environmental assessments or whatnot...

If you are looking for more information or folks to climb with I would recommend checking out the facebook group and posting there. Hopefully we can get some chatter going. If you are interested in being an admin on that site let me know...it would be great to have some people out taking photos and providing information on the areas and conditions. Thanks for checking out this site and take it easy...have fun out there!

Bouldering on Bluff Mesa


  1. Rad! I'm excited to finally be living up here and contribute to the climbing community.

    I climb Castle Rock usually 2x a week and would be happy to post pictures/little reports. Most of the time I'd probably tell stories of tourists getting lost and sliding around on the snow/ice. But I do help them.

    I'm also really interested in what it would take to establish a guiding service in the area. I'd love to have coffee with whoever is interested in it and to help support opportunities for people to experience more of what Bear Valley has to offer. Maybe this is being a bit too optimistic, but there's a fantasy in the back of my mind to help open a gym/guiding outfit.

    1. Lots of folks guide in the SBNF @ suicide and tahquitz, in fact vertical adventures specifically states they have a special use permit with the SBNF idyllwild office.

      So is there an issue with the mountain top district?