Friday, September 2, 2011

Pac Boulders

(Great setting close to the car)
Nice concentration of BIG boulders behind the Performing Arts Center on the South Shore of Big Bear Lake. A 5 min walk up a well worn trail just west of the Pac parking lot will lead to a small creek crossing and a hillside full of quality climbing. The are is relatively small and does not have too much climbing in the low grades, or low in height for that matter. That being said is is very easy to get to, has a small footprint, and there is talk that the currently unofficial trail that you walk in on will be receiving a face lift soon, meaning improved access. Moderate highball bouldering seems to be the name of the game here so bring the pads and lots of spotters! 

The Bouldering Club is still meeting up on Tuesday Evenings at Starbucks. If you are interested in getting out for a little more "work"...tuesdays in general will be spent helping to develop this area. That can mean a whole host of things from climbing to cleaning, trash removal to trail maintenance. For more info email 
(Nice concentration of big boulders)

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