Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Backside area....and the worlds oldest trash

(The Backside Bouldering Area)

 The Backside area, also known as Cactus Flats, is definitely one of the most concentrated areas for quality bouldering in Big Bear. Located half-way up Hwy 18 as you approach from Lucerne Valley, this area is set in a high desert environment and sees much less severe weather than the rest of Big Bear bouldering. Because of this, it's a great place to climb in the winter or the cooler mornings/evenings of summer...summer days can get warm!

The main area of boulders sit on a small hillside right next to the parking area, meaning little approach is necessary. However, there area is quite big and you definitely are rewarded for spending some time trying to scramble and look for rocks to climb. You don't need to look far, but you can if you want! Enough climbing in this area to keep you busy for years!

One bummer about this area is the abundance of broken glass and trash on the ground. Most of it seems to be from years of target practice going on check around and make sure nobody is shooting when you are trying to climb. We picked up a ton of trash while we moved from boulder to boulder but it would take an army to get it all out of there. Do your part and pick up a rusty can or two while your there and it will help!

(Lot's of old trash in the area...pick some up!)

 (Bouldering Club tackling a gem at the Backside area)

(Rachael practicing her footwork)


  1. Matt - I just stumbled upon your club. Could you post a google maps link to the exact location of the parking area for Backside/Cactus Flats? Thanks, Stewart

  2. See if this works.