Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roadside Boulder Trail Work

Did a little work today on the trail at Roadside Boulder. This boulder sits just off the east side of Hwy 18 as you head out towards the desert. Despite the graffiti somebody felt the need to leave the rock is actually really cool. Its a big chunk of quarts sitting square on the ground with perfect landings. Close to 20 feet at the top this boulder offers some nice highballs for those willing and a nice range of difficulties, including a couple that may or may not have been done yet? Anybody climed the prominent blunt arete on the northeast corner? It looks like it will go but...We did some work defining the trail, as the couple of times I have been up there previously there was no direct route and I wound up stomping through the bushes for 50 feet to get there. Either way its right of the road and simple to get to. No reason not to check it out! The bouldering club's next meeting with be here, Thursday the 31st, for some bouldering. Maybe the NE Arete will go down?

(The Parking Area for Roadside Boulder)
 (Roadside Boulder. Despite the appearance, well worth a visit!)

 (Trash and Tools)

 (Nice view and a nice problem as well)

(Tough problems on solid rock)


  1. Isn't this called the Roadside Boulder in the Quartzite Band in Hidden Treasures? I am pretty sure it is unethical to rename climbs?

    1. I did not know it was in Hidden Treasures. I have the first edition and its not mentioned.

      Definitely not trying to rename any climbs or areas this name was told to me recently and I had not seen another name. Will change.