Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Big Bear Bouldering is back...

...not that it every went anywhere! After an extended period of working (in an office) too many hours life is slowing creeping back to normal, which means Big Bear Bouldering is back in action. The summer is in full swing right now and despite some solid afternoon thunderstorms during the heat wave it's been great weather for climbing.

Over the past few months we've received a bunch of email about the bouldering in Big Bear. Mostly asking for advice on where to go or guidebook recommendations. The most comprehensive guide we've found is on Check out the San Bernardino Mountains area here.

If you will be in town and are looking for rock check out the North Shore Boulders. Easy approach. Lots of climbing. Great views up high on the hillside. The lower hill is compact with a few good VB circuits. Up on the hill you'll find larger rock and more committing problems.

If you are camping Holcomb Valley is a no brainer. Tons of bouldering scattered among the pinnacles and a lot of easy highball/solos to keep thing fun. Free camping. Small crowds. You can also rope up for days if you are interested.

Maybe the best, and least traveled, areas are on the South Ridge and involve a bit more adventure to find. Start at Bluff Mesa group camp and follow the trail from the west end of camp. A 30 min walk will bring you to the most heavily concentrated bouldering in the area. 

These are only a few of the areas worth visiting. Castle Rock, Cactus Flats, the boulders behind the PAC, Hanna Flats Campground, Roadside Boulder...all worth checking out. Our goal is to get a guidebook together as soon as possible but full schedules have prevented this from happening to this point. We'll let you know any information on that front as soon as we can. 


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  1. Does the bouldering club meet every thursday afternoon? Also, where are there other great spots to boulder when the club isn't meeting. I am will be in town wednesday to friday and want to check out some good spots. I am not sure where the Northshore boulders are, but would love any good tips and spots to check out. Thanks!