Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bouldering Season!

Evening bouldering sessions are just about to turn spectacular in Big Bear. It is staying light out later and despite the snow we got the other day the temps have been steadily on the rise. The North Shore area gets lots of evening sun and is close to town...making it a perfect spot for these times. Along with easy access for climbing, it also is an easy spot for non-climbers to use which leads to a decent bit of trash in areas. It's not bad, and I am sure you could climb here and not notice it...but we've hauled out cases of empty Coor's cans...or was it Coor's Light? If you see it...pick it up! Bouldering Club is still getting out regularly, meet at 6PM on Tuesday at Starbucks or just head to the area. Check the Calender Here for more info....see you out there!

(Catching the last light on the North Shore)

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