Wednesday, April 6, 2011

North Shore Boulders

The North Shore Boulders may offer the best bouldering experience to be found in Big Bear Lake. This, of course is open to many interpretations however the relative easy approach, picturesque views, and quality/concentration of problems make this a great bouldering destination. 
 (The North Shore Bouldering Area sits on a small hillside NE of Big Bear Lake)

The area sits just north of Hwy 18 in the Peter Pan area of Big Bear City and host a large number of boulder problems as well as some short bolted lines. It's a steep hillside and a lot of the problems are up top, meaning you are going to be doing some work...but it is well worth it. 

 (The approach is strenuous but well worth it)

The highlight, at least so far, seems to be the steep overhanging face of a large boulder teetering on the hillside. The combination of aesthetics and view are insane. This might be one of the coolest boulders I have ever seen! Much work needs to be done cleaning the boulders and working on the landings, but that is what the Bouldering Club is for! Next meeting Thursday April 7th. Be there!

 (One example of the MANY rad boulders)

(Maybe the coolest boulder in Big Bear?)

(Bouldering on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake)

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